mexico68 Afrobeat Orchestra Quick Press Kit

A Collective aesthetic!

mexico68 Afrobeat Orchestra, is a thirteen-piece afrobeat band based out of
Los Angeles, California’s Eastside.

Heavily influenced by the polyrhythmic sounds of Nigerian Recording Artist, Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Africa 70, mexico 68 juxtaposes Chicano funk with the body-moving and illuminating vibes of afrobeat.

“Afrobeat will be one of the musics of the future” – Miles Davis

Afrobeat no go die!

Band Members:

  • Martin Casillas, Keys and Vox
  • Est Nyboer, Drums
  • Sal Magallon, Percussion
  • Rick Rodriguez, Congas
  • Manu Gomez, Sticks/Keys
  • Anthony Rodriguez, Shekere
  • Chris Gonzalez, Bass
  • Gabriel Alvarado, Rhythm Guitar
  • Ravi Carman, Baritone Sax
  • Seung Park, Tenor Sax
  • Paul Pate, Alto Sax



Whatcha Talkin Bout

Soon Dem Come


“Money Masters” Live at The Satellite, Silver Lake